CrazyDevy CDMW-11: Predaking’s Custom Wings

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Collections, New Arrivals, Transformer
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Again the wings are HUGE~! It won’t fit into my display case ><
I have to take it off for now until I find a way to display it.
Hopefully I can find a way to take pics with him too and put him in the gallery with full set of CrazyDevy’s upgrade set arrived.

So just have a little bit fun with it now~~

Predaking is unstoppable~!

now die Autobot~!
  1. Nice wings! Is that Predaking reissue or real G1? I’m thinking of buying the new reissue set. I’m not aware of any Aerialbots reissues ever so that must be G1? So cool.

  2. winner5v says:

    Thanks man~! The Aerialbots is a G1 and the Predaking is the reissue set. You should get the Predaking, it is diecast version ~~

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