Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Collections, New Arrivals, Transformer
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Here is my Chinese New Years gifts by myself again~~
An expensive Jap version Megatron, TFA protector trailer(waited for so long to ship just to save some shipping ><), Predaking’s new giant sword and foot plates(this is is a rip-off ~!), plus Generation Preceptor and Wrack-gar.

Unfortunately, the foot plates doesn’t seem will fit the new Predaking reissue. So I tried to use my dremal to sand it down a bit, but I still have to force it in at the end, and it don’t do too much to the figure. Hopefully it didn’t cause too much damage to the Headstrong figure. The giant sword looks awesome on him though~~
Will open the others and put them in the gallery soon….so stay put on new posts.

  1. Dude you found Perceptor and Wreck-Gar! So Jealous! I will be getting the Protector armor soon. I kinda want Megatron also but I keep thinking they will re-issue a US version with close to that color, instead of the Nerfy purple Classics fig.

  2. winner5v says:

    humm I never think about it will have US version of the Megatron…
    maybe I shouldn’t brought him now><
    but since I don't have any older version of this mold…it's good to have this one.
    His my 1st Jap version of the classics~!
    I did go hunt for Preceptor and Wreck-Gar, I order them all online~~

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