February Goodies

Posted: March 4, 2011 in New Arrivals, Transformer
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A short month with not much new comings…if I wait one more week,
I will have the new generation wave come with this shipment ><.
The RTS Voyager package is way smaller then I thought,
and I received them for a week but still don’t have time to open them.
So here is a quick pics on the PX-03 backpack, finally there is a place to put the huge gun of City Commander~~

  1. Awesome! Getting both these voyagers and I didn’t even know about PX-03. So do you recommend PX-03? I never bought anything from Perfect Effect…

    oh and thx for the link to my post! I just saw it. I’m going to put your site on my blogroll too 🙂

  2. winner5v says:

    You are welcome~~
    PX-03 is really great, I really like the huge gun can hold at the back now
    make him looks like the guy in Gungrave
    but it just a little bit pricey ><

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