April Arrivals

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Collections, New Arrivals, Transformer
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Long waiting shipments from March to April~~

Masterpiece MP-01L
Generations Kup
Generations Warpath
Generations Wheeljack
Generations Scourge
Generations Thundercracker
iGear Kup Head Kit Set
Polaris Head and Weapon
  1. Man says:

    Masterpiece MP-01L looks very nice. how many tranformer you have now?

  2. Nice get on Warpath! I want one!

  3. winner5v says:

    I wish they are easier to find in retails.
    So I don’t have to order them in BBTS…the Warpath is almost double in price T.T

  4. I hear Hasbro is having all kinds of distribution problems. Finding Warpath in retail will be tough. In fact there is only 1 sighting on Seibertron and its for an order off hasbrotoyshop so it doesn’t even really count. I will have to order online as well.

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